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Online Mantra Lounge

Online Mantra Lounge - details coming soon! 2024

You will experience

  • Exploration into body, voice, breath connection

  • The benefits of vocal toning (alongside therapeutic instruments)

  • The Bija Mantras and associated tone for each of the Chakras

  • A new Mantra taught in each session and using the traditional practice of chanting 108 times

  • A time for mindful meditation, to relax, replenish, reflect and focus on intentions and hopes for the future

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Online Sound Baths 

Experience the healing sounds of a therapeutic Sound Bath from the comfort of your own home.

"Wonderful Sound Bath last night... haven't slept so well for months. Emily and Jane are doing an amazing job, their free daily mindfulness meditation and mantra is giving me a reason to set my alarm every morning, keeping me sane, less anxious and able to cope with the day."

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